Woodpecker LED H ORTHO curing light

Woodpecker LED H ORTHO curing light

LED H ORTHO curing light.

Power input AC100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Light output 1000mW/cm² -1800mW/cm² Maxi 3 seconds curing time for the bracket!

Net weight 178g

Dimensions Φ25mm×252mmOrthodontie mode: Display P1, the blue light will shine at
Standard mode: Display P2, the blue light will shine at 1000mW/

Included 1 lightmeter and 1 extra light guide?


5 Operation
5.1 Lightly press the mode key. Following three modes are

available.5.1.l Orthodontie mode: Display P1, the blue light will shine at
5.1.2 Standard mode: Display P2, the blue light will shine at 1000mW/
5.2 Lightly press the time button to choose the solidification time. Orthodontie mode: 3, 5, 10 seconds, Standard mode: 5, 10, 15, 20 seconds.
5.3 During the operation, aim blue light at the position needing solidification. Press the ON/OFF switch, a "beep" sound will appear, the LED starts to work under the selected mode. Then it counts down to "0" second to end the solidification.
5.4 During operation, the blue light can be stopped by press the power button at any time.
5.5 Low power detect circuit is fixed inside of the main unit, when low
power is detected, the indicator of the main unit will wink, please charge
in time.
5.6 When the battery needs to be charged, connect the plug of the adapter into the AC100V-240V power supply. Then connect the output plug of the adapter to the input plug of the pedestal, and then the indicator turn to green, that means the pedestal is standby. Put the main unit to the charging point of the pedestal, the indicator turn to yellow, and the curing lights starts charging. When charging finished the indicator turn to green.

5.7 After the operation, please clean the fiber with calico in order not to affect the light intensity.
5.8 This equipment will turn off automatically if no any action within 2 minutes, turn it on by press any button.
5.9 The depth of solidification of composite is no less than 4mm per 10
5.10 The optical fiber should be sterilized for 4 minutes with 134 C and 2.0bar-2.3bar (0.20MPa-0.23MPa) before each use.
5.11 The curing light is equipped with over-heat protection system. It can continuously work 200s, For example, continuously operate the curing light for 10 times under 20s working mode (even the curing light works less than 20s, it is counted as a full operation), then it will come into over-heat protection status. And only after 2-minute sleep, it can restart working 200s continuously.

6 Cautions
6.1 Please recharge the battery at least 4 hours before first time usage.
6.2 During the operation, the light should be aimed straightly at the composite resin to ensure the effect of solidification.
6.3 Avoid aiming at eyes directly.
6.4 Only the original pedestal charger, adapter and Lithium battery could be used, because other brand pedestal charger, adapter and Lithium battery are likely to damage the circuit.

6.5 It is forbidden to touch the charging connector with metal or other
conductor, to avoiding damage the circuit of charge or the battery.
6.6 Please recharge the battery in cool and ventilated room.
6.7 It is forbidden to self-taking-apart the battery, in order not to result in short-circuit or leakage.
6.8 It is forbidden to extrude, shake or rock the battery. The Lithium battery is forbidden to be in short-circuit situation and it is forbidden to put the battery with metal or other conductors.
6.9 If you don't use this equipment for a long time, please take the
battery out and preserve separately.
KWARNING] [f the curing light works for 40s continously,the
temperature of the top of optical fiber may reach 56'°C.
KWARNING] Do not modify this equipment without authorization of the manufacturer.



Woodpecker LED H ORTHO curing light
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